For dogs, snacks are serious business.
So why give them anything less than the best?
Our snacks are natural, no filler, no nonsense delicious. We know, because we make them ourselves.


When we say natural, we mean it

When it comes to dog snacks, “natural” isn’t always natural. That’s because so-called natural fillers like celery powder or glycerin often sneak into the mix even when they have been heavily processed with chemicals. And there’s nothing natural about that. When I started this company, I was committed to doing it right. Now, I feel that stronger than ever, and your dogs will taste the difference.

~ Ania

Lamb Jerky

Charlie’s Favorites &

Our Top Sellers

Chicken Jerky

​Our #1 favorite. Dehydrated chicken breast, human quality, with no preservatives of any kind. Thin enough for small dogs and dogs with sensitive teeth.

Beef & Carrot Sliders

Beef eye round, pork loin and carrots dehydrated at 160 degrees, which is the perfect temperature for meat.

Pig Ear Chews

One of Charlie’s NEWEST Treats!
Pig Ear Chews, are odor-free, vitamin packed, and 100% digestible treats made from dehydrated pig ears.

Charlie Supports

Named for the best chocolate lab ever!

Charlie, my chocolate lab, was my first partner in the business and my inspiration for starting it. He knew a great snack when he tasted it. Charlie is no longer with us, but I know that you love your dogs just as much as I do. They give us their best and deserve the best back from us. That’s the driving force behind Charlie’s Doggie Bag.

for Charlie’s Doggie Bag

Rave Reviews

Melissa K.

APR 2018

Charlie’s Doggie Bag has supported Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue (DLRR) for many years and generously donates to our annual Ladies for Labs High Tea at The Phoenician every year. Recently, our Zeus Oncology Fund (a fund to help our Labs with cancer treatment) went to visit one of our sick labs and his appetite has not been so good. However, he did eat Charlie’s Doggie Bag treats. Thank you for all the amazing work you do.

Cindy I.

JAN 2021

My black lab, Fenway, loves Charlie’s Doggie Bag Treats and cannot get enough of them! She breaks in to the snack cabinet often and brings a bag of Beef Jerky or Pork Loin out and drops it on the floor for someone to open for her. SHE LOVES THEM!


MAR 2019

I looked and looked and tried and tried many treats for my 14# doggie. Most treats she didn’t like. I purchased Charlies chicken strips about a year ago – SHE LOVES them. I also got the carrot, but I buy the chicken strips by the pound and have them safely and properly mailed to me. I trust this brand and my happy doggie trusts it too. Happy dog, happy mama!


Healthy Carnivore Dog Treats

Charlie's Doggie Bag