Beef, Lamb, Pork Sampler – 2.5 oz. bags

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Beef Jerky Sampler – Hand made & Charlie approved

No artificial colors • No preservatives • No additives • No fillers

Sample the Charlie’s Doggie Bag Beef, Pork & Lamb Jerky collection before you commit to a full size bag. The Beef Jerky Sampler includes 2.5 oz. bags of: Beef Jerky Treats, Lamb Jerky Treats, Pork Loin Jerky Treats, Beef & Carrot Sliders, Beef Food Toppers and 1 Pig ear.

Charlie’s Doggie Bag Beef, Pork & Lamb Treats are intended as a treat & not as a meal replacement.

Charlie’s Doggie Bag Beef, Pork & Lamb Treats are made by hand with the same quality beef, pork, lamb and carrots you would feed your human family. Nothing but the best for our four-legged friends!

Charlie’s Doggie Bag Treats are made for all ages and sizes of dogs. Refrigerate for longer lasting freshness.

Product pricing is subject to change without notice, due to supply issues.

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