Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are Charlie’s Doggie Bag Treats so good for my dog(s)?

Charlie’s Doggie Bag Treats are hand made EVERYDAY and tested out by ALL of Charlie’s friends. We take pride that Charlie’s Treats have NO artificial colors, NO preservatives, NO additives, or NO fillers. 

What can I do to make sure my Charlie’s Doggie Bag Treats stay fresh?

While Charlie’s Treats can stay fresh for a long time, we do suggest you refrigerate for longer lasting freshness.

Do I have to signup with a username to purchase treats?

You spoke and we listened! You no longer have to create an account to purchase Charlie’s Doggie Bag Treats. Although we highly suggest getting on our mailing list to receive special deals and announcements.

If you are setting up a subscription, so you DON’T EVER RUN OUT of your dog’s favorite treats, you will be required to setup an account to save your payment information.

How do I reset my password?

If you can’t remember your password go to the My Account Page and click “Lost your password?”.

IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT, you will receive an email from Sometimes the email will get sent to your spam folder.

If you DO NOT receive an email and you have previously purchased with us, it is possible you checked out as a guest. If you would like to sign up for an account you can also do that on the My Account Page. 

Why can’t I sign-in?

If you are attempting to sign-in and website is saying, “ERROR: Incorrect username or password.” It could be one of two things:

  1. You have mistyped either your email or password and need to try again.
  2. You do not have an account created with the website and previously checked out as a guest. 

If you get locked out of the site, please email us at

    What if I want to add more treats or change my subscription frequency?

    To add/subtract treats from your subscription please follow the following step:

        • Login to your account and go to My Account Page
        • Click on Subscriptions
        • Find your ‘Active’ Subscription you want to alter and click View
        • Scroll down to Subscription Totals section. Here you can remove products or change your subscription. Next to the product you want to change, click the ‘X’ to REMOVE the product -OR- click Change Subscription to change quantity or frequency of subscription.
        • This will take you to that product page. Here you will: (1) Select frequency of delivery, (2) Click arrows to change quantity, and (3) Click Sign Up Now to complete changes.
        • This will take you to the Cart page. Here you can confirm the changes you just made. Notice the Cart Totals are $0.00 and your Recurring Total row explains your new total and your next renewal date. Your card will not be processed until that date.
        • Click Proceed to Checkout to confirm your changes or go back to fix any errors.
        • This will take you to the Checkout page. Here you will be able to confirm your shipping address. After you look over all the information you will click Switch Subscription at the bottom of the page. 
        • You will then receive an email to will show your changes to your subscription.

      How do I renew my Subscription EARLY or ahead of my normal ship date?

      • Login to your account and go to My Account Page
      • Click on Subscriptions

      • Find your ‘Active’ Subscription you want to alter and click View

      • In the top section you can see 4 Action buttons. To RENEW NOW, click Renew Now.

      • A pop-up screen will appear showing your order and ask you to click Pay Now to proceed.

      How do I Cancel my Subscription?

      • Login to your account and go to My Account Page
      • Click on Subscriptions

      • Find your ‘Active’ Subscription you want to alter and click View

      • To CANCEL your subscription, click cancel. 

      • The screen will refresh and will now have a button to Reactivate, which you can do at anytime.

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